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Return with us now to those thrilling ...and fun radio days of yesteryear...

Now meet some of our "Stunning Staff"

(A)    Bob Carolin 'n Jeanne Wilson - The Dynamic Duo who steered the good ship "62"

(B)    Joanie - Guaranteeing WHEN 's air to always be kissing fresh

(C)    Cathy - Giving new meaning to the term "computer mouse."

(D)    Kim -    Guided station tours via rickshaw ...only 10 cents

(E)    Julie -  Remembered most  for her "Dance of the 6 1/2 veils."

(F)    Ken Baglino-  Now we know how Jonah must have felt.

(G)   Karen and Mo - Complain...complain...complain

(H)   Steve Perry and Steve Smith of Journey visit 62 WHEN--  (Aug. 1980)

(I)     The Captain and Diane --  1982

(J)    That Ad!

(K)    Memos 

(L)   Easter Penn Can Mall Appearance -- 1979

(M)    PM Drive Personality Jack Mindy - The Studio Shots-- 1972

(N)    Doug Brode 62 WHEN Entertainment Critic - "The End"

(O)    Bruce Seigel - WHEN Production Director  a.k.a. "Boogaloo Brucie"

(P)     Ray and Jay - WHEN's answer to Farmer McGregor and Old McDonald

(Q)    Peter King with TV Broadcasters Rod Wood, Anne Lilly and Jan Gibson

(R)     Peter King and The Name Game

(S)     WHEN Sales Promotion flyer -- 1985

(T)     Former PM Driver Alan Peterson today

(U)    And now... A Little Trivia...

(V)    Peter King and Bob Mitchell--  2002

(W)   The 62 WHEN Heavy Vette Lives (in Iowa)!!!  

(X)    You Know You're an Aging D.J. when.. --A Checklist!

(Y)    Program Director Deane Parkhurst at 980 James Street Studio  - circa 1968  

(Z)    Best Station Awards Nomination / BM/E Magazine

(aa)  Hotel Syracuse Winners Party - Jay - Dick - Bruce - Ray -- 1979

(bb)    Bob Carolin and Harry Hagan--  1978

(cc)    62's WHEN's "Hall" of fame

(dd)    Newswatch 62 - Donna Speziale - Jim Gilchiest - Bill Pfohl--  5/1987

(ee)   Jay Flannery publicity photo --  1987

(ff)     Bob Carolin's right hand lady - Karen Taylor Gallagher --  1983

(gg)    Promotion Director Cindy Thomason --  1983

(hh)    Rolling Thunder???  - late 70's...mid 80's

(ii)      WHEN Billboard for Jerry Morgan -- (early 70s)

(jj)     He'ssss Back - Morning Man Phil Markert -- Early 70s

(kk)     The One ... And Only....Ron Redneckski-- Late 70s?

(ll)     Hey, Let's Do Lunch Downtown!-- 1957

(mm)    Take Me Out To The Ballgame - WHEN vs The Herald Journal-- 1977

(nn)    Election Night - Deane Parkhurst - Doug Webster - Bob Ardner-- Early 60s

(oo)    Newsman Quent Neufeld Interviews then NY Gov. Nelson Rockefeller-- 1965

(pp)    Boys, Meet The 62 WHEN Heavy Vette-- 1980

(qq)    WHEN Midday Air Personality Cliff Korradi-- 1971

(rr)    620 WHEN Radio Program Guide-- 1968

(ss)    Election Night Radio News Coverage-- 1965

(tt)    Deane Parkhurst In New James St. Radio Studios-- Circa 1963

(uu)    WHEN's Studio "B" in Lowe's Theater Bldg. Syracuse, NY-- Circa 1963

(v v)     Jack Morse and Mike Leiderman Talk About The "Good Old Days"  2010

(ww)    The Spirit of Syracuse - WHEN Radio Traffic Reports

(xx)    The Iconic 62 WHEN Heavy Chevy at 980 James St. Syracuse  1976

(yy)    The Heavy Artillery of Syracuse Radio Wars  70s & 80s

(zz)    WHEN Radio's Gone Bananas  1974

(AA)    Clash of The Titans - Victor The Wrestling Bear Confronts Jay Flannery  1978

(BB)    The Buck Stops Here! - WHEN Radio Declares...No Political Advertising!  1972

(CC)    WHEN Air Personality Peter King Meets Millard Ferndock - Aayah! Early 80s

(DD)    WHEN Radio GM Bud Stiker Says, "Let There Be Prizes" Early 70s

(EE)    62 WHEN Bridal Spectacular Grand Prize Winners 1987

(FF)    62 WHEN Special Advertiser Premiums Mid-80s

(GG)    Newsman Mike Leiderman Gives Mayor Lee Alexander A Grilling 1970

(HH)    WHEN Newsman Mike Leiderman's Snow Job 1971  

(II)    PM Driver Jack Mindy - The Billboard 1972

(JJ)    Outdone Only By The Mormon Tabernacle Choir -The 62 Singers 1975 

(KK)    Bud Springs For Lunch At Danzers - Of Course It's A Trade! Circa ?  

(LL)    Got Milk? Why Morning Man Phil Market Didn't Become A Spokesman

(MM)    Pre-Buy It or Bag It - Jeff Laurence & Jim Ashbery

(NN)    Kathy Mindy and Audrey Wilkes Give Great Logs - Program Logs That Is

(OO)    Phil Markert To Leigh Taylor...Well.. Hello'der

(PP)    A Young Ray Diorio - Early 70's Mid-day Man at 62

(QQ)    Morning Man Phil Markert Inventing Something He Calls "Disco"

(RR)    "The Night Lady" Leigh Taylor ..On The Air From 980 James

(SS)     Leigh Taylor and Pete McKay - 62 WHEN Air Personalities - Early 70s

(TT)    Production Director Jeff Laurence - Early 70s

(UU)    The Al Roker WHEN Connection - Leigh Taylor The Night Lady

(VV)    The Jack Mindy "Black" Billboard  

(WW)     Air Personalities Phil Markert and Jack Mindy - Kawasaki Promotion 1972

(XX)    SU Football Coach Mac Meets Air Personality Leigh Taylor  Circa Early 80s

(YY)    WHEN Station Manager John Patton Plotting Radio War Strategies  Circa 70-71New Photo

(ZZ)    62 WHEN Radio Newsman Paul Neal Cool by the Pool  Circa 1970-71New Photo

(#001)  Beatin' The Heat In Syracuse. The 62-WHEN Pool Party    Circa 1970-71New Photo

More Pics 1     Still More Pics 2

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