Syracuse Radio - 62 WHEN Radio - The Early 60s
Deane Parkhurst -Doug Webster - Bob Ardner- Syracuse, NY

Syracuse radio stations 62 WHEN Syracuse, NY The Big 62 WHEN
Election Night Coverage - Early 1960s -Deane Parkhurst, Doug Webster and Chief Engineer Bob Ardner

Photos courtesy - Deane Parkhurst

Election Night Coverage - Early 60s WHEN Radio - Syracuse, NY
l-r Afternoon announcer Deane Parkhurst, Chief Engineer Bob Ardner and newsman Doug Webster

Below - Both Deane and Doug wear Clevite-Brush headphones as Doug announces some of the night's election results into an Electro-Voice 635A mic

Election Night Coverage WHEN Radio- Early 1960s -Afternoon Announcer Deane Parkhurst, Newsman Doug Webster - Syracuse, NY

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