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Production Director - Bruce Siegel

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Boogaloo Brucey Siegel - 62 WHEN Radio

WHEN Production Director, Bruce Siegel.   During the 1980's some of  Bruce's most entertaining work was as alter ego, "Boogaloo Brucie".

Any good P.D. knows a talented production director (the person responsible for assembling great sounding commercials, promos and other program elements) is worth their weight in gold.  Seldom, however, will you find many G.M.'s or P.D.'s willing to admit it... especially when that person is asking for a raise...

During the late 1970's and into the 80's Bruce was the voice so often heard on the many commercials and station promos produced in-house at 62 WHEN.  While Bruce's name may not have been as familiar as those of the station's air personalities, his work, nonetheless, was an important contribution to the station's phenomenal success.  Bruce left WHEN in October of 1986.

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