62 WHEN Radio billboard in Syracuse
Featuring Mid-day Air Personality Jerry Morgan.

Syracuse Radio Stations 62 WHEN Syracuse, NY The Big 62 WHEN

Surely the talk of the town in the early 70's.  Midday personality Jerry Morgan showing, perhaps, a little more than most of his listeners wanted to see. By today's standards, pretty tame stuff!

62 WHEN Radio billboard featuring Jerry Morgan in the early 1970's

The Syracuse billboard... that wasn't

What you probably didn't know... (according to former Program Director, Deane Parkhurst)
"...The Outdoor company refused to put it up because of the content. (John) Patton (GM) then rented a flatbed truck, had the board mounted on the truck and we drove it around town. Promoed on the air where it would be and got a lot more exposure than would have been the case otherwise. We had a buy on a left hand read with a billboard on I-81 going into the city just south of North Syracuse. All we knew was that someone pitched a major bitch and they pulled the panel. Others were scheduled but had not been put up at the time. The original board was pulled... the others never put up.

Also.... It does not show in the photo above.... but in the original shot there was at least a suggestion of more anatomy than we really wanted to see.  Jerry claimed it was his finger tip. We'll never know. I was not involved in that side of the operation at the time. Too busy putting out the "Sweet Dick" Burch fires and helping the sales guys sell commercial time.   DP

The Jack Mindy billboard was another in this series promoting WHEN's Air Personalities in 1972.

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