The 62 WHEN Little Singers Under Direction of GM Bud Stiker
Yuletide Greetings
Early 70s Radio In Syracuse, NY
Xmas 1975

Syracuse Radio stations 62 WHEN Syracuse, NY The Big 62 WHEN
xmas 75 Radio GM Bud Stiker Conducts The WHEN Little Singers - Yuletide Greeting Card Photo  - Early 70s - Syracuse radio

Photo courtesy - Debby Doolittle/Jeff Laurence

62 WHEN Radio was always known for its classic holiday greeting cards mailed far and wide at Christmas time. The photo above was included in the station's greeting card in 1975. Who are all these people...? We're glad you's the rundown.

Key - WHEN Xmas Card - 1975

1. Bud Stiker2. Frank Masters3.Unknown4. Jeff Laurence
5. Carol ?6. Bob Carolin7. Ray Diorio8. Dan Sheedy
9. Pete McKay10.Sue Bovee Miller 11. Unknown12. Barney Sadowski
13.Captain Gordon 14. Jack Woodruff15. Bill Carey16. Jim Shafer
17. Ron Rosenthal18. Cris McKechnie19. Unknown 20. Debby Doolittle
21. Rod Wood22. Lee Vanden-Handel23. Thom Durney24. Dave Garrison
25. Jeanne Wilson26. Bob Ardner27. Linda Arnold28. Phil Markert

62WHEN Xmas Card - 1979

WHEN's 1979 holiday greeting card
Not Actual Size

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