The WHEN Office Crew Dines At Danzers With GM Bud Stiker
Early 1970s Radio In Syracuse, NY - 62 WHEN

Syracuse Radio stations 62 WHEN Syracuse, NY The Big 62 WHEN
WHEN GM Bud Stiker Takes The Girls and Guys to Lunch at Danzers  - Early 70s - Syracuse radio

The 62 WHEN Lunch Bunch at Danzer's Restaurant - On Left Side of Table - Kathy Zweisler-Mindy, Linda Arnold Lieberman, Sue Bovee Miller, Walt Miller, Frank Masters, GM Bud Stiker. Across table from Bud on right side: Jeff Laurence, Carol Singer (Only small part of face showing), Thom Durney, Audrey Wilkes, and two employees closest camera, unknown.

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Snapshot courtesy - Leigh Taylor

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