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I joined WHEN in 1971 as a newsman while a student at Syracuse University. What a great training ground. We had the largest news staff in town and owned the ratings. I'll never forget storming into the news booth as the news theme was broadcast, without my sound packs. I announced a moment of silence for the men and women of the armed forces, ran to the newsroom, grabbed the sound cartridges, ran back and continued the newscast. I also created radio theatre with Sweet Dick Burch, creating the character Sgt. Spike who lived with his girlfriend Loose Lucy at Camp Drumstick. For weeks we promised to share the recipe for sh** on a shingle. When the day arrived, we gave the recipe for 400 people. Seemed pretty funny at the time. think Sgt. Spike has now been in the Army for 62 years. When I graduated, I was hired by ABC Radio news in New York and worked at NBC Radio news and the AP before moving into corporate America. For the past 20 years, I have worked as a crisis management consultant for about 80 organizations around the world. I think the confidence I had during my various careers was spawned at Radio 62. My salary was $143 a week for six days a week. Seemed OK at the time. My best memories to Rod Wood,  Betsy West,  Kurt Barnhart,  Marc Levinson and the rest of the radio gang. I split time between Cleveland, OH and The Villages in Florida. Kinda hate icy winds and snow.

Chuck Webster

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