WHEN Radio - The New James Street Studios
Syracuse, NY - A Radio Time Capsule - Deane Parkhurst

Syracuse Radio Stations 62 WHEN Syracuse, NY The Big 62 WHEN

62 WHEN Radio - Syracuse - 1964 - Deane Parkhurst

Deane Parkhurst at the board with Ron Curtis in the news booth.

According to Deane,"...The strange looking box to the left of the console was a timer clock. If you needed to be reminded to record something from the CBS net, you pulled out a pin on the clock. At the appropriate time a light would flash reminding you to start one of the three tape decks in the production studio. The start/stop/record buttons for these tape decks are located to the top right of the board above the pots.This system and CBS programming left when John Patton came to town and we switched to ABC with wild carded spots, using the Net feed for actualities within locally produced news breaks-" DP

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