Anchors Away!!! The 62WHEN Fun Boat in Syracuse - 1982
Peter King - Lee Goodman - Cindy Shine

Syracuse Radio stations 62 WHEN Syracuse, NY The Big 62 WHEN

WHEN Radio Fun Boat 1982 - Syracuse

Rub A Dub Dub... 3 men...oops.. 2 men and a babe in a tub. The 1982 "Fun Boat" Giveaway at 62 WHEN Radio in Syracuse. First-babe Cindy Shine wonders if she's really done the right thing by coming aboard The Good Ship 62 with these two guys. ....Oh, frigate!   Air personality Lee Goodman appears to be attempting to get his rear admiral's certification, while pilot and official poop deck swabber/ floor mopper, Peter King looks out for pirates... and while failing to notice they're seconds away from a collision with the craft just ahead. Aye Aye sailors.... oh myyy!

Photo courtesy - Lee Goodman

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