Former 62WHEN Radio Announcer Ron Curtis
Syracuse, New York

Syracuse radio 62 WHEN Syracuse, NY The Big 62 WHEN
WHEN's Ron Curtis in later years when he anchored the news at Channel 5

FORMER WHEN RADIO PROGRAM DIRECTOR, DEANE PARKHURST, REMEMBERS "...Ron Curtis (Ezzo) came to WHEN in 1959 but not as a newsman. He came over from WFBL to host the afternoon drive "Record Room" show. He went over to radio news in, I think, 1962 after we moved to the new building (on James St). The move was forced to a degree because Ron could not, or would not, do combo. He required an engineer. Bill Fortune moved from nights to afternoon drive until I took over the slot around late 1963 or maybe early 64.

When I joined the station in 1960 there was one full time news guy, Dick Horstman. Dick was an interesting individual. A fire junkie, he kept a full set of fireman's gear in his car and would work fires as a volunteer whenever he had the chance. He worked a split shift, covering AM drive then back in the afternoon to prep for "Newsbeat"... the 6:00 to 6:30pm news slot. The noon news was covered by one of the TV guys from their studios. Saturday morning news was done by part-timers, I think Jack Morse did some stints, I did occasionally and the rest by SU students. There was no local news on Sundays. If CBS did not cover it, it did not get covered.

Horstman quit to become the press secretary for some local politico and was replaced by Abe Albright just before the move to James Street." - A Syracuse Radio Retrospective

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