John Simmons - Former 62WHEN Nighttime Air Personality
62 WHEN Radio
Syracuse, New York

"In His Own Words"

Syracuse radio stations 62 WHEN Syracuse, NY The Big 62 WHEN
I was hired by Jim Ashberry and John Patton to do nights, 7-12, in November of '73. Phil Markert was on mornings, Dr. Al Adams middays, Jack Mindy PM Drive, me from 7-12 and Roy Taylor all nights. The "highlight" of my 2 year stint came during the summer of '74 when someone, maybe Bud Stiker, came up with the promotion "WHEN Radio Has Gone Bananas". A 40-foot long wooden banana was constructed with all the amenities and attached to the wall of a downtown furniture store, about 20 feet above ground level. I was to live in the banana 24-7 until someone answered their phone "WHEN has gone bananas" at which time they would win $1000 and I would get out of the banana. I believe it took about 8-10 days and by the time that last day came around I was telling Jim, "!" It was an era of crazy radio stunts and I am happy to have played a part in this one.

John Simmons
July 2012
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