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62 WHEN General Manager Bob Carolin and Joey "MVP" Gallagher
The Departure

WHEN Radio Midday Mad Man Joe Gallagher with Station Manager Bob Carolin

62 WHEN Radio Station Manager, Bob Carolin, offers a few words of encouragement, and a few words of warning ("...Don't come crawling back here next week when you find those guys can't hold a candle to us.") to departing mid-day personality Joe Gallagher who's headed to KB in Buffalo. Also, Joe, we'd like you to turn in your keys after the end of this party...because quite frankly, we don't trust you in the building anymore. We've noticed toilet paper missing lately...and we think we know where it's going. Could this be one of those darned philosophical differences?

Bob Carolin passed away in 2019 on June 21st at age 80.

And the beat goes on...

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