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I was hired by Bud Stiker and worked with Bob Carolin. I did the daily program logs for the station. Dave Garrison, Capt. Gordon, Pete McKay, Al Roker, Jeff Laurence, Jim Shafer, Ray Diorio, Phil Markert, Cris McKechnie, Tom Durney -- were all there. I worked at John Blair Television in NYC. Bud Stiker was in the Radio division. When my dreams of becoming the next Barbara Walters did not materialize, I eventually left NY. Yada, Yada -- stuff happens. I'm back in Syracuse and I find out that Bud is now GM at WHEN Radio. I called. He hired me on the spot. Unfortunately, he left not too long after and Tom Durney and Ron Rosenthal were now in place and then Bob Carolin. I was the Traffic Queen. Bob called me "Peaches". Bob Mitchell came on board in production as did Jeff Laurence and a cast of 1,000's it seems in sales. Al Roker, Dave Garrison, and Capt. Gordon and I became friends. I hated making the logs. It was done by hand coloring in little squares everyday. No computers then. ... By the time Harry Hagen became GM, I wanted to change positions but his words to me were, "We want you to be Queen of the Logs." Guess what? I left and never looked back.

I'm in touch on FaceBook with Bud, Bob, Jeff, Cris McKechnie and I've heard from Pete McKay. Another aside -- I married John Butler who was the anchor on Channel 9 and used to work at WOLF -- he covered the Lake Placid Olympics to give you a time frame. We live in St. Louis, MO and John is News Director at KMOX Radio. We met at WSYR Radio where I was in sales and he was News Director. I am not working now but I do have a small craft business selling cactus and succulent dish gardens.

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