62 WHEN Trivia Questions - Syracuse

62 WHEN "Blast from the Past" Trivia ANSWERS


1.  Oops!  Who left that stinky dead fish in the Call for Action Offices?   Who removed it?

Ans. (C)  The "gift" fish was given to J.B. Louis who promptly put it in the Call for Action Offices for safe keeping overnight...then forgot about it.  Chief Engineer, Roy Taylor, rescued our mistress in distress, Call For Action's Marion Shaw, the next morning by removing it.   Fresh fish anyone?!

2. What two characters once locked Joe Gallagher out of his studio and comandeered WHEN's airwaves for some 30 minutes before order was finally restored... without one shot ever being fired?

Ans. (C)  None other than the irrepressible Marge and Wrinkles.   Surely a station out of control...when two old biddies are able to trick a grown man (Joe Gallagher) into going out in the hall...then immediately locking him out of his studio..  Anybody have an aircheck of this wild time? Yup, it's in the archives.

3. Which WHEN air personality's wife called the Y-94 "Shove It" Line?

Ans. (C)  Ray Diorio's

4.Which WHEN air personality won Foreigner tickets on Y-94 with Big Mike and also had his car towed the night of the concert?

Ans. (A)  Peter King

5. Shortly after the incident in question 4, which WHEN air personality was introduced at McArthur Stadium (P&C Stadium) while sitting in the WSYR box seats with Big Mike?

Ans. (C)  Joe Gallagher

6. Who became airsick while filling in for Captain Scott King? (Fortunately they weren't flying the plane.)

Ans.  (D)  All of the Above.  Who said it was easy doing air traffic in Syracuse?

7. Which WHEN DJ once asked the question, "Whatever happened to Mama Cass?" and referred to singer Chris Rea's sister named  "Di"

Ans. (B)  Vic Johnson

8. Who was the only WHEN personality to have a star on his "Dressing Room" (a.k.a. The Bomb Shelter)?

Ans. (C)  Weekender Dick Helfer

9. Which WRRB (WHEN sister station) personality is best remembered for throwing up at a Hotel Syracuse Christmas Party?

Ans. (C) Bob Paris

10. This WHEN employee was known as "Mr. Amway", and also specialized in real estate, with no money down.

Ans. (D) Bruce Siegel

11. SHE GOT A NOSE JOB was a "hit" during the Summer of '80.  Can you name the group that recorded this piece of Syracuse musical history?

Ans. (D)  Boogaloo Brucie and The Barflies  

12. Who caused the "No Impromtu Impressions in the Hallways" Memo?

Ans. (C)  Then WHEN sales executive, Mike Frazer

Who was it that Peter King's then girlfriend, Lori, identified by voice while blindfolded in "Guess The Real Peter King" Contest?

Ans.(B)  Mike Frazer 

14. Which WHEN Personality had 2 porno stars on his show as on-air guests?

Ans. (C) Jay Flannery -    One guest was the infamous Annie Sprinkle.  The interview was halted before its conclusion by General Manager, Bob Carolin.  After the first commercial break in the interview, Jay was directed by Bruce Siegel, then Operations Manager,  that the interview was over.   The guests were promptly escorted from the studio and not a word was ever uttered on-air about why the interview had ended so abruptly or why they had simply vanished.

15. The two WHEN GP Basebreakers to discover running water in the far outfield were...

Ans. (D)  Joe "wee wee" Gallagher and Vic Johnson gave new meaning to the expression, "You're all wet."

16. Who is the only person ever known to have won the Joe Gallagher MVP Award?

Ans. (A-B-C-D)     Who else?   Joe Gallagher

17. What female Newswatch 62 Reporter was sent out to a motel to look for striking truckers?

Ans. -  We don't know for sure!  Every good quiz has a trick question.  This was a trick question.

18. That catchy tune "She Had Freckles on Her Butt" sung by politically incorrect male staffers at the time often embarrassed this young maiden...

Ans. (C)  Cathy Miller

19. Which WHEN newsperson helped give "JoyGerm Joan" national exposure?

Ans. (C)  Bill Carey   Go to the front of the class and get your smiley face, Bill.

20. Who was Jules Coleman's "favorite" D.A.?

Ans. (B)  John Holcomb   ---  Jules committed a major faux paus one evening when he left a recorded story for newswoman Rhenda Kimble to use during her nightly news broadcast.   While recording the report, Jules made a mistake and as was often the case, removed the tape from the machine and used another "clean" (erased) tape.   When Jules made his initial verbal mistake, he had continued recording the story, injecting a few choice expletives and using them to jokingly refer to the subject of the report, Mr. Holcomb.  At the conclusion of Jules' recording of a number of taped reports that evening, he labeled the tape cartridges --- obviously not playing them back to see if they were okay --- and inadvertently must have labeled the wrong report (the one containing the expletives).  Rhenda Kimble played that tape later in one of her hourly news reports. Upon receiving a number of listener complaints the following day,  Jules was suspended for 3 days for his mistake.  Allegedly without pay.  The tape of that recorded story still exist today and is in our archives.

21. What Prizes!  What fun!

Ans. (D)  We gave away all that great stuff.  You're probably buying it at garage sales today.

22. Who was it that was loaded for bear...and equipped with all that "stuff"?

Ans. (E)  Bob Swahn

23. In the early 70's whose office had "The Liquor Store"?

Ans: (C) Station manager John Patton --- A liquor store went dark owing WHEN a good deal of money for advertising. When the owner didn't have the cash to pay the bill, GM Patton, nobody's fool, took payment in the form of the store's inventory. The coat closet in his office (James Street) once held several cases of booze. Reportedly some interesting parties were held in that office. As a sidebar, (no pun intended) there was a sudden and strange investment in ice trays for the refrigerator that the WHEN-TV Engineers had in their break room on the first floor.

24. Which WHEN DJ was billboard banned in Syracuse?

Ans: (C). Jerry Morgan - Jerry's February billboard showed him nude with only a heart covering his midsection. An appendage, Jerry claimed it was his finger, was just barely visible. The outdoor advertising company refused to show it so we rented a flatbed truck, mounted the board and drove it around town. So much for banned billboards!
25.   Name the porno film that was part of a WHEN morning promotion.

Ans: (B) Deep Throat
"Sweet Dick" Burch held a contest where all the winners were given masks and taken by a chartered bus ...wrapped in brown paper... to the movie.

26.  Which WHEN DJ used parts of a clock as a prop for his program?

Ans: (B) Dick Burch - Burch had the sounders from a cuckoo clock taped to the microphone. He'd use the sounds for everything from a "rim shot" at the end of a gag line to a time check.

27.  Ans.  (C) Stingers    When Arbitron ratings determined that WHEN was the dominant station in town (# 1 in every time period and every demographic except 12 to 18), the drink of choice at the celebration party were Stingers

28.  Ans.  (A) (B) (C) and  (D)  Who was upset when "Sweet Dick" Burch first went on the air?
 - All were upset.
29.  Ans. (B) Evil Ways - Thanks, Jack! You took the station out of the dark ages. We like your gusto.

30.  Ans. (D)  None - Nada - Zilch - Zero calls of complaint during this historic moment in programming history.

31.  Ans. (B) The Titanic

32.  Ans.  (A)  Jack Mindy. His resemblance to the General back then was remarkable.
Anyone have a photo?

33.   Ans.  (C) When Phil first came to the attention of General Manager, John Patton, (circa 1971)  Phil was playing at The Governor's Grill in the Lincoln Bank Building, just down James Street from the station.   One day some of the WHEN staff including, PD Deane Parkhurst, went in for lunch and Phil, recognizing Patton, improvised a tune based on the WHEN jingle.   When Dick Burch went on vacation Patton asked Phil if he'd be interested in filling in, piano and all. The rest, as they say, is history.

34.   Ans. (A) In 1985, WHEN morning man Phil Markert played the role of the judge during the courtroom scene of Marie... a true story.

35.   Ans. (C) Both Manager John Patton and Program Director Deane Parkhurst took flight instructions from Gordon. He needed to sharpen his skills as an instructor and both John and Deane wanted to learn how to fly "The Spirit of Syracuse".

36.   Ans. (D) All these many years and thousands of flying hours later, "The Spirit of Syracuse" regularly flew over Syracuse commuters with Tony Bombardo (a.k.a Captain Scott King) at the controls. Tony ceased his broadcasts as of March 1, 2010 after having been on Syracuse's airwaves for nearly 33 years.

37.   Ans.  (C) Beeblebrox Rabblekleebe was the elf-in-charge at the North Pole in the late 1970s. "The Beeb" was a canterous little fella...and often called in to Jay's show to voice his dissatisfaction with working conditions and various goings on at the Pole during the pre-holiday season.
38.   Ans.  (B)62 WHEN..."The Syracuse Entertainer" was the promotional slogan Roy H. Park was known to dislike. The reason is unknown, however, the slogan was used for a very long time (A number of years). As a strictly "hands off" CEO when it came to programming at his very successful station, he never ordered its use stopped.
39.   Ans. (B) Eglantine is the title of the mysterious song often played at the end of Phil Markert's show. This song was featured in the 1971 Disney Movie "Bedknobs and Broomsticks".
40.   Ans. (A) In the summer of 1974 nighttime air personality John Simmons spent over a week above the street in downtown Syracuse in one big banana. This custom banana was attached to the side of building that was home to a furniture store...and presumably a sponsor. Incidentally, John has yet to recover from that event.
41.   Ans. (B) Santana's "Evil Ways", was mutually chosen by Program Director Deane Parkhurst and air personality Jack Morse. It was to be the first song ever played as the new 62 started on its successful personality driven Adult Contemporary format in late 1969.
42.   Ans. (A) Tom Owens - Tom made the flying trip from James St., thus, making him the last man out...and the first man in at 620 Old Liverpool Rd. Today Tom is co-host of the popular morning show with Becky Palmer on B104 in Syracuse.
43.  Ans. (A)Sweet Dick Burch. So that was his secret to Syracuse Success. Rancher's Coffee! In Southern California Sweet Dick still likes his coffee black!
44.  Ans. (B)In early 70s when Captain Gordon piloted "The Spirit of Syracuse" while reporting traffic conditions his replacement sometimes was weekend air personality Leigh Taylor who identified herself to commuters as "Private Galore"

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