Becky Palmer - Air Personality
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62WHEN Radio Syracuse, NY
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It is hard to keep the dates straight as I have had such a long and rewarding career in radio. My days with Park Communications, WRRB and 620 WHEN were at the early beginnings of my career. I started with the company when I worked for WRRB. I later hosted a midday talk show on WHEN. Either that or it was the other way around! Later in life I returned as Program Director of WHEN. Those years were very stressful for me. One of the first big stories our staff covered was the Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing in Lockerbie. Then it is was the Persian Gulf Crisis, and the O.J. Simpson story. I remember feeling shell shocked from that stressful time. The wonderful staff of pros I worked with all contributed to some excellent coverage of the events of the day. As I try to remember the names of hardworking folks that were right next to me, I now realize I might forget someone and would not want to acknowledge their support. Jim Gilchrest, Bill Phofl, Donna Speziele, Peter King...are a few of the names that popped up. All of that experience has led me to the wonderful job I now have. I am very thankful for the time I had at 620 Old Liverpool Road. I currently co-host the Tom & Becky Show at B104.7. I have been here in this fabulous job for a very long time making my living off of being a professional blonde.

Becky Palmer
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